Cute Kids Bento Box

120614-Rilakkuma-BentoKids bento box (lunch box) is a huge phenomenon in Japan and ready to concur the world. Bento is a very popular Japanese boxed lunch eaten by many Japanese people daily in japan. In japan, when lunchtime comes, you often see people enjoying bento box lunches everywhere including parks, school and office. Eating bento for Japanese is a time for having fun, not only at certain season, but all through the year. Bento has firmly taken root in the heart of Japanese in every day lives.

A bento usually consists of white rice and side dishes packed in a bento bako aka bento box. Bento boxes come in all shapes and sizes including round, square, triangle, and oval. Together with rice, bento are packed with various ingredients from hamburg stake, fried chicken, fried eggs, sausages, omelette, seafood and vegetables.birds-nest-bento-box-lunch

Japanese bento are not merely a meal you can carry with you, aesthetic considerations are essential aspect of bento and fun elements play vital part as well. Bento lovers like to carry cute looking lunch boxes and people making bento love to come up with original, creative and unique ideas to incorporate side dishes, and make bento fun for person who eat it. When making a bento, many people also take the time to make unique designs, they consider the colors and layout of side dishes. using and arranging ingredients to give a great taste of fun for person who eat it. Bento is generally full of both colourful ingredients and love.

Japanese people often express their thought towards bento as it is packed with love. It refers to their sentiment the person making bento brings in it.

In recent years, especially popular type of bento among children in Japan is so called “kyara-ben” which means character bento. It features designs based on anime or manga characters, animals, stars or cars etc. This is a rapidly growing trend among Japanese mothers and some of them have a great passion for making “kyara-ben” kids bento box. It helps for some kids who do not like certain food to eat it while having a fun with it. the mothers try to inject some kind of playfulness into the bento to make eating time to be fun time for their children.

If you want to give it a try with Japanese style kids bento box and make cute lunches for your kids, nowadays you can cute-bento-box-4purchase Japanese lunch box and lunch box related kitchen ware on line. You can buy kids lunch boxes, water bottles, food picks and other bento accessories for making cute shape meals.
Bento box its self has huge variations. Hello Kitty, Disney characters, Pokemon and other Anime characters are all time popular selection. Cute animal shaped and colored box such as dogs, pigs, frogs, tigers, pandas and cats are also popular. Bento accessories such as chopsticks, decorative food picks, bear and rabbit shaped egg molds, flower, star or animal shaped cutter for vegetables, ham and cheese are very useful. You can also use rice ball mould in shape of hello kitty or other popular characters such as Winnie the Poo.

Once you learn a bit of knack, making kids bento box is a great fun. So why don’t you give it a go and create a fun bento with full use of your imagination and creativity for your kids. They will love it.